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Lower Antelope Canyon


Peter Lik, an Australian photographer, sold a picture of Antelope Canyon for a record breaking 6.5 million dollars…it was the most expensive photo ever sold…and it was a black and white!  Although Lik’s photograph was indeed a beautiful work of art, if you go to Antelope Canyon and take your own photos you can get pictures that are equally stunning and more memorable since you took them yourself!!

Antelope Canyon consists of and upper canyon and a lower canyon, both of which are beautiful, but have a few differences.  Both are created by many years of erosion and flash floods, and the continual onset of weather makes the canyons ever changing.  The upper canyon is above ground and is known for it’s brilliant sun beams and warmer temperatures.  The red rock formations here are wider at the base and narrows towards the top of the canyon.  The Lower Antelope Canyon is just the opposite, as it is below ground and is more like a funnel shape, narrow at the base and wider above.  The lower canyon is larger and longer and can still get beautiful sunbeams although the ideal time to photograph sunbeams is between 10-11 a.m.  (That time is the recommended time for sunbeams for both canyons.)

Here are a few tips for when you travel to Antelope Canyon yourself…

You will need to pay a guide to go through the Canyon, whether upper or lower.  BUT you do not have to book ahead with a tour company.  If you book with a commercial company online, it will cost you $45-50 per person.  You will meet at their business in Page, AZ and they will drive you to the canyons, pay your entrance, and drive you back into Page.  If you have a car, drive directly to the Canyon yourself, and you only have to pay about $25-28 to get in and have a Native American guide.  Wha-la…$25 dollars saved!!

Our guide was great, pointing out great photo-ops, info about the canyons, giving us Navajo history, and guiding us safely through the canyon.  We went through lower Antelope Canyon, but I am sure the upper canyon is beautiful as well…my photos may not be worth 6.5 million, but the memories we created are priceless!

What do you think?



Twin Peaks


Indian chief…can you see him?


Panoramic view of lower Antelope Canyon…we even got a sunbeam!




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