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Which bag is mine?

The weather is starting to warm up, and summer is quickly approaching.  Most of us will go on a trip for summer vacation, and if you have been in an airport terminal, waiting for your bag, you know that sometimes it is hard to figure out which bag is yours.   Have you ever picked up a bag thinking it was yours and it’s not!!  Lol…I’be done that because most of the bags are black!!!  I have seen people put ribbon or tags to help identify their bags, or anything to help make it stand out.  My current luggage set consists of a set of suitcases with a silver background and brown polka dots on it.  Now when I travel, it is super easy to spot my bag as soon as it comes onto the carousel.  I have yet to see another bag like mine!

On a recent shopping trip to TJ Maxx I saw some cute and unique suitcases!  I would totally get these.  I actually had to tell myself that I didn’t need a new suitcase and put them back on the shelf.  Lol…


I think this white bag is sooo chic.  For some, these suitcases may be too “loud”, but that’s what make them standout right?


Both of these bags were $69.99…pretty good deal for a large hard shelled luggage!

Where are you going for your summer trips?

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Mini cross body bags

There are so many different cross body bags this season!  Ranging  from high end bags in the thousands, to cheaper versions less than $50, they are stylish and varied in shape and size.

But be still my heart, have you seen the mini cross body bags?  Oh so cute!  And they give any outfit an instant boost!  Here are a couple bags that I just ordered from Zara.

Sometimes the price of a bag is really cheap and looks good online, but when you finally get it, it looks and feels cheaply made.  That’s a bummer.  Not the case with these two bags, they are both real leather with cute details!

I love the feather detail on this blue suede bag, it makes it look fancy and chic!  You fancy huh?!


When I first received this bag, I thought it was quite small, but it is the perfect size for going out.  You have plenty of room for the essentials…your cell, powder and lipstick, money, credit cards, and keys!

How about the tassels on this next one?  This season is all about the tassels, and this smooth leather bag has got four of them!  The blush color goes well with different outfits and this bag would be cute for a night on the town!  Best of all, this bag is only $39.90!


The hat above is from H&M and it’s only $25!  Totally helps to keep your face out of the sun now that It’s sunny.  Check it out here.  Zara has so many cute bags!   Check them out here!

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On our trip to Arizona, my husband, Chris, and I stopped at Walmart to pick up some stuff.  You know how they put a bunch of random stuff at eye level to catch your eye and entice you to buy shit you don’t need?!  Well, it works!!!

I saw this contraption that you can use to cut vegetables and make noodles out of them…you know, to make vegetable spaghetti.  It’s the VEGETTI!!

When we got home, my husband surprised me and bought one.  (What a good husband)!  Forgive my pictures, they are very amateur.  Last minute, while I was cooking, I thought, “I should blog about this!”  So I whipped out my iPhone and started taking pics.  The lighting is poor, the presentation is poor, but dammit, I wanted to blog about it!

So I started with the sauce first…

I love a chunky sauce with lots of meat and mushrooms, so I buy any type of spaghetti sauce (I bought Ragu garlic and mushroom) and doctor it up!

I started with one package of washed, sliced crimini mushrooms and sautéed them, then added fresh minced garlic and half of a chopped onion and cooked it until the onions were clear adding salt to taste.  I then set the mushrooms, garlic, and onions aside.  Next, I took a pound of lean, grass fed ground beef and cooked it, adding 1 teaspoon of Italian herb mix and salt to taste.  Combine all ingredients together along with the spaghetti sauce…stir and let simmer for about 20-30 minutes.

Next it’s time for the vegetable noodles.  I used both zucchini and yellow squash as you can see, and I used about one zucchini/squash per serving.  Wash the vegetable and cut it in half and follow directions for cutting…

Cutting these noodles is actually quite fun and oddly satisfying.  It is not technically difficult or complicated, and you end up with long, curly vegetable noodles.  Sometimes they are so long, and I mean “Lady and the Tramp” long, that you have to cut them when serving them.

I like to sauté the noodles before serving, and I sautéed 2 cut vegetables with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tsp minced garlic.  The fragrance of the cooking garlic is heavenly, and I cook the vegetable noodles just enough so they are cooked, but still have a crispness to them, again adding salt to taste.


I put the vegetable noodles in a bowl, topped it with the chunky sauce I whipped up, and threw on some mozzarella and parmasean cheese.  Wha-la!  Dinner is served!


I was so proud of myself, like I had made pasta from scratch!  My husband loved it, and he doesn’t even like regular pasta spaghetti!  Good low fat food, fast!

Have you tried vegetable noodles?

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Face paint

Just sharing funny pics of my relatives…

This is a picture of my cousin’s husband and her daughter.  They painted each other’s face.


Haha…isn’t that so cute?  That’s my cousin’s daughter Amelia.  She is three years old.

She decided to work on her own face painting some more and added to it.  Her dad posted her final work of art…


I dunno, but I think we have a Picasso here.  What do you think?

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A sale?! Can’t pass it up!


Tory Burch is having a spring sales event, and you know me…I can’t pass up a good sale!  You can save up to 30% depending on how much you spend by using the promo code BLOOM.


Spring/Summer 2016


There are many cute bags and shoes, and I ordered these sandals!  They have a subtle gladiator look that is so popular this year.  I’m not too keen on the lacing and straps that go up your calves with some of the gladiator sandals that are out there, and I think this pair gives enough of that gladiator-esque feel.




I was very tempted to order these as well, because a cute sandal can go with so much during the warm months!



Make sure to check out all the colorful bags too.  Aren’t the ombre bags so cute?  You know that tassels and the bright colors are perfect for this summer!

Check out the sale here!

Happy shopping!

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Lower Antelope Canyon


Peter Lik, an Australian photographer, sold a picture of Antelope Canyon for a record breaking 6.5 million dollars…it was the most expensive photo ever sold…and it was a black and white!  Although Lik’s photograph was indeed a beautiful work of art, if you go to Antelope Canyon and take your own photos you can get pictures that are equally stunning and more memorable since you took them yourself!!

Antelope Canyon consists of and upper canyon and a lower canyon, both of which are beautiful, but have a few differences.  Both are created by many years of erosion and flash floods, and the continual onset of weather makes the canyons ever changing.  The upper canyon is above ground and is known for it’s brilliant sun beams and warmer temperatures.  The red rock formations here are wider at the base and narrows towards the top of the canyon.  The Lower Antelope Canyon is just the opposite, as it is below ground and is more like a funnel shape, narrow at the base and wider above.  The lower canyon is larger and longer and can still get beautiful sunbeams although the ideal time to photograph sunbeams is between 10-11 a.m.  (That time is the recommended time for sunbeams for both canyons.)

Here are a few tips for when you travel to Antelope Canyon yourself…

You will need to pay a guide to go through the Canyon, whether upper or lower.  BUT you do not have to book ahead with a tour company.  If you book with a commercial company online, it will cost you $45-50 per person.  You will meet at their business in Page, AZ and they will drive you to the canyons, pay your entrance, and drive you back into Page.  If you have a car, drive directly to the Canyon yourself, and you only have to pay about $25-28 to get in and have a Native American guide.  Wha-la…$25 dollars saved!!

Our guide was great, pointing out great photo-ops, info about the canyons, giving us Navajo history, and guiding us safely through the canyon.  We went through lower Antelope Canyon, but I am sure the upper canyon is beautiful as well…my photos may not be worth 6.5 million, but the memories we created are priceless!

What do you think?



Twin Peaks


Indian chief…can you see him?


Panoramic view of lower Antelope Canyon…we even got a sunbeam!




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Grand Canyon

imageIf you have never been to the Grand Canyon before, it is definitely worth visiting at least once in your life.  It is considered one of the seven natural wonders in the world and the colors and the vast depth of the canyon are spectacular!


It took us about 2 hours to drive to the Grand Canyon from Sedona, and once there, we took the shuttle to the various lookouts on the south rim.  My husband and brother-in-law had never been to the Grand Canyon before, and they were both awed and amazed by the natural beauty of it.  There are many activities to do there, you can stay in one of the lodges/hotels, you can go camping, you can go hiking, or you can just take the shuttle from lookout to lookout so you can enjoy the nature and views around the Grand Canyon.  If you are adventurous, you can hike or take a mule down to the bottom of the canyon.  We did not do this, but I have heard it is a challenging hike (especially uphill)!

imageLooking at pictures does not compare to the actual beauty of seeing the Grand Canyon in real life.  It is truly amazing, so go and visit!