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Mini cross body bags

There are so many different cross body bags this season!  Ranging  from high end bags in the thousands, to cheaper versions less than $50, they are stylish and varied in shape and size.

But be still my heart, have you seen the mini cross body bags?  Oh so cute!  And they give any outfit an instant boost!  Here are a couple bags that I just ordered from Zara.

Sometimes the price of a bag is really cheap and looks good online, but when you finally get it, it looks and feels cheaply made.  That’s a bummer.  Not the case with these two bags, they are both real leather with cute details!

I love the feather detail on this blue suede bag, it makes it look fancy and chic!  You fancy huh?!


When I first received this bag, I thought it was quite small, but it is the perfect size for going out.  You have plenty of room for the essentials…your cell, powder and lipstick, money, credit cards, and keys!

How about the tassels on this next one?  This season is all about the tassels, and this smooth leather bag has got four of them!  The blush color goes well with different outfits and this bag would be cute for a night on the town!  Best of all, this bag is only $39.90!


The hat above is from H&M and it’s only $25!  Totally helps to keep your face out of the sun now that It’s sunny.  Check it out here.  Zara has so many cute bags!   Check them out here!

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A sale?! Can’t pass it up!


Tory Burch is having a spring sales event, and you know me…I can’t pass up a good sale!  You can save up to 30% depending on how much you spend by using the promo code BLOOM.


Spring/Summer 2016


There are many cute bags and shoes, and I ordered these sandals!  They have a subtle gladiator look that is so popular this year.  I’m not too keen on the lacing and straps that go up your calves with some of the gladiator sandals that are out there, and I think this pair gives enough of that gladiator-esque feel.




I was very tempted to order these as well, because a cute sandal can go with so much during the warm months!



Make sure to check out all the colorful bags too.  Aren’t the ombre bags so cute?  You know that tassels and the bright colors are perfect for this summer!

Check out the sale here!

Happy shopping!

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I swore that I would never, ever, ever, buy a pair of espadrilles!

Crap, I can hardly even spell espadrille.  Good thing for word-check!  Throughout my years here on earth, I have avoided this type of shoe with a passion.  Why, you may ask?  I have always associated this shoe type with hippies and flower children, and wholeheartedly alienated myself from this genre of style.  I used to think that my style was preppy, then I thought I was a skater, then I thought I was a hip-hop head…shoot, I have gone through so many different phases in my life  I have come to realized that I am a mixture  of everything…thus the name of my blog!

And low and behold I saw these cute shoes online from Nordstrom, and I had to have them!



I wish that I had some cute pics of me wearing this shoe with a cute outfit.. but my husband keeps on promising that he will help me take pictures for the blog…and keeps on flaking 😦  But anyhoo…this espadrille is surprisingly comfortable and I am excited to wear it with a cute spring or summer outfit!

One of the new fashion trends for this season is front lace-up shoes.  Flat lace-ups, espadrille lace-ups, heel lace-ups, and wedge lace-ups.  I have gotten hooked!  I have purchased almost one of each!  I will post the links to the lace-up shoes that I bought with the coordinating pics!

Bought these flats, and they are very cute!  Plus they are only $48!


I love wedges!  As I have gotten older, I find that wedges are the most comfortable “high heel” that I can wear.  The ones below are from Target and are a steal!



Last but not least is the lace-up heel.  I did not buy this shoe, but I saw it on one of my fave fashion bloggers @emilyanngemma who writes “The sweetest thing blog”.  I wish I could wear heels easily, I would totally get them!


Which are your favorites?

Go get some lace-ups and have a sexy summer!

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Family weekend in Avila Beach

Now that my sister and I are all grown up, married, and working in our professions, my mom is having empty nest syndrome!!

We have been planning little vacations so that our family can relax and hangout every few months.  A couple weekends ago, we booked rooms at a timeshare in Avila Beach, near San Luis Obispo.  It was raining the whole week before, and the forecast was not looking too promising.  It rained all day Friday, but low and behold, the sun came out, and we spent Saturday canoeing, hiking, and chillaxing…here are some pics!

Avila Beach is a cute little town between SLO and Pismo.  It has a mellow vibe with spas, hot springs, and wine tasting bars along the main strip.  If you are looking for a deal, you may be able to find some wine tasting coupons from your hotel concierge.  We used one for a free tasting…and one stop was enough!  The tasting room we went to was Alapay, and they let us try 10+ different wines!  Did I mention that it was FREE?!  Nothing like wine tasting in Napa/St. Helena…where a tasting can cost more than $100 and requires reservations.  Talk about stuck up!  Come down south to San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles…sip and sea…

Avila Beach…

avila beach

Morro Bay…


We canoed from the Morro Bay Marina over to the sand dunes and took a hike over the dunes to the beach on the other side…the sand was so pretty!

chris sand dune2

Saturday night we went to check out the nightlife in downtown SLO.  We hit up this new spot called Blast 825 Taproom.  Check out all the beers/wines on tap!  They give you a wristband linked to their system which you scan on the bottom right flame…and then, you pour!  They charge by the ounce so you can try whatever beer/wine they have on tap.  My fave was the Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout…mmmmmm  good!  Along with that they also do a pick-your-pizza, where you choose your toppings for a pizza that they bake in their 825 degree oven…what goes better with beer?  Check it out the next time you are in SLO!