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Duck Eggs


The oral surgeon who works in my office walked in today and said, “I brought you some duck eggs!”  I thought he was kidding at first, and since Easter passed recently, I thought he was bringing me some Easter eggs.  With a puzzled look, I opened the container that he handed me and low and behold…four big, beautiful duck eggs!

I know what you all are thinking…that the container has chickens on it!

Well, he just put them in a regular chicken egg container to transport them safely to their final destination.  I am very grateful and somewhat puzzled at how I am going to prepare these eggs.  Can anybody give me a suggestion?!

I looked on Pinterest and found some interesting info about duck eggs, so I thought I would share it!

9 things to know about duck eggs by Heather Jackson

  1. Duck eggs vary in color.  Don’t be alarmed if you get a gray one, or one that will not wash up to the clean white you were expecting.  That’s just the nature of the egg.
  2. Duck eggs are sought out by cancer patients because, unlike chicken eggs, they help create an alkaline environment in your body.
  3. Duck eggs are generally larger than chicken eggs.  If you get particularly large ones, you may have to adjust your recipe accordingly.
  4. Duck eggs taste similar to chicken eggs, but the flavor is slightly richer and deeper.  Also, the yolks can also be a darker orange color than you expect.
  5. Many people with egg allergies are actually only allergic to chicken eggs and can tolerate duck eggs without a problem.  (Of course if you have a severe allergy, don’t try this without talking to your doctor!)
  6. Duck eggs are excellent in baked goods and are prized by many bakers for the additional “lift” they give to breads and cakes!
  7. Duck eggs have very thick shells that are harder to crack than chicken eggs.  The harder shells help the eggs stay fresh longer than chicken eggs.
  8. Duck eggs can be very expensive in stores, but you can usually get them for a reasonable price if you find a farmer who raises ducks.  (Yet another reason to make friends with your farmer!)
  9. Duck eggs beat chicken eggs in almost every nutritional category and are a powerhouse addition to your diet!
egg in hand

One of the duck eggs!  Much bigger than chicken eggs.

I’ll let you know what I do with the duck eggs and how it turns out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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