Hello everyone!  And welcome to Mixmaster blog!!  This is my first time blogging…so go easy on me!  I have recently started following different fashion blogs, and have become obsessed.  Not stalker obsessed, but motivated obsessed!  I am totally late to the blogging party, but my goal is to provide different aspects of my life, not just fashion, but also, travel, lifestyle, beauty, health, and last but not least profession.  All of these things combined, plus my mix of styles, makes me…your mixmaster!

Let me share a bit of myself…

I am totally a California girl!  Born and raised in Southern California, but now living in Central California, I migrated further north for work.  I am a dentist, so I fix grills…lol.  If you have any dental questions, I can always help!

I consider myself a mixmaster because I do not associate myself with one particular genre of style.  Sometimes I dress preppy, sometimes urban, sometimes, bohemian, sometimes rock & roll, sometimes girly & romantic, sometimes professional…but always me.  Not only that, but I am also of mixed nationality.  My father is Japanese from Hawaii, and my mom is Chinese from Malaysia. To top it all off, I’m married to a Colombian.  I’m all mixed up!



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